Jaz O’Hara

10 June, 2018

Jaz on how to make an impact on the world…

Start taking action. It’s one thing thinking about doing great things, and talking about them…but actually taking the steps to DOING them is another matter. The thing that separates those of us who are successful from those of us that are not, is taking action…and when things don’t go to plan, you learn and grow and try again. This is how you make impact. What’s the worst that can happen? Get out there and DO!

Jaz on how to achieve your goals and dreams…

Scratch at those curiosities. Pursue your interests as they may turn into passions and eventually purpose.

The first step to achieving your goals and dreams is identifying them. Once you know what you want, working out how to get there is the easy part. It’s like driving a car…if you know your destination you will reach it much faster than if you set off with a map. You may eventually end up in the same place but it will take a lot longer. Define your goals, write them down and the ‘HOW’ will take care of itself!