Sharing our wisdom and insights with each other is invaluable. Sometimes that one pearl provides the support and solidarity we need to set us off in a new direction. Thanks ladies, I look forward to sharing more of you in the future.

Kal Di Paola

Kal on how to reach your full potential…

Embrace the set backs on your journey and learn to enjoy the challenge of learning from mistakes. Achieving your full potential is committing to a lifetime of self improvement. BUT remember never set your long term goals in stone, realise that times will change, people will change, you will change and therefore your goals will change!

Kal on how to achieve your goals and dreams…

Put it out there – tell the world what you want to do and take the first step. The first step is the hardest, but once you commit you will find yourself on a journey of growth. Once on that journey take all the help you can get – I am a firm believer that everyone you encounter in life has something to teach you – so let people help you, tell them your dreams and ambitions and when you are wavering they will support and remind you.

Dani Littlejohn

Dani on how to be more confident…

Remember that others infer your confidence from your behaviour. Self-esteem is something else and something you can work on building in the meantime.

Decide on some positive affirmations to remind yourself of every morning and evening. If you look the part ensure you have the required knowledge to act the part. Noticing the trust from people you are working with will make you feel stronger still.

Make a conscious effort to consistently stretch your comfort zone. Do things that scare you just enough to start to build positive memories of your strength and bravery. Be kind to yourself. You are your own support squad. Notice any negative language that comes into your head about yourself and turn it around. From the reverse side of your weaknesses shine your strengths.

Chanelle Hardy

Chanelle on how to make an impact on the world…

My life changed when I stopped worrying about how the passion that woke me up every morning couldn’t be part of my career. The more I’ve followed my own north star, using it to define, drive and focus my work, the more I’ve been able to make the impact that energizes me and helps me grow professionally.

Chanelle on how to achieve work/life balance…

Accepting that ‘balance’ is no more static than any other moment in life has freed me to set short and long term goals for my life and work, even as I take each day at a time.  I am also getting better at setting personal goals, not just professional goals, and importantly I now celebrate the incremental progress towards both.

Jaz O’Hara

Jaz on how to make an impact on the world…

Start taking action. It’s one thing thinking about doing great things, and talking about them…but actually taking the steps to DOING them is another matter. The thing that separates those of us who are successful from those of us that are not, is taking action…and when things don’t go to plan, you learn and grow and try again. This is how you make impact. What’s the worst that can happen? Get out there and DO!

Jaz on how to achieve your goals and dreams…

Scratch at those curiosities. Pursue your interests as they may turn into passions and eventually purpose.

The first step to achieving your goals and dreams is identifying them. Once you know what you want, working out how to get there is the easy part. It’s like driving a car…if you know your destination you will reach it much faster than if you set off with a map. You may eventually end up in the same place but it will take a lot longer. Define your goals, write them down and the ‘HOW’ will take care of itself!

Erica Sosna

Erica on how to be more focused…

Switch the Wi-Fi off! We are bombarded with information and input from so many directions these days, so it is really important to allow ourselves space to think. Switch off all your tech, set a timer for forty minutes and focus for an uninterrupted period of time on the most important item on your list. You’ll be amazed what you can get done when you apply yourself with a single focus.

On a broader note, what gets measured and watched gets accomplished. So whatever it is you want to focus on, set specific quality goals or timelines or targets and track them. Observation also changes our behaviours, so considering investing in expert support that aligns with your key objectives.

Essie North

Essie on how to achieve work life balance…

I’m not sure there is such a thing as work/life balance as increasingly they are intertwined. I do believe that if you are balanced within then you make choices that give you balance in your life. Looking after yourself and allowing time to rebalance through whatever means suits you, pays off tenfold in how you are in the rest of your life.

Essie on how to be more confident…

Confidence is about a sense of true acceptance of who you are, not trying to hide certain parts of you to appear one way or another. When you are yourself, you are confident. When you try to put on a front, you worry you’ll get caught out.

Annabel Meggeson

Annabel on how to make an impact on the world…

I believe in the ripple effect. It’s a lot more realistic than trying to undertake huge projects or changes, especially if you’re already busy with a career, family and so on. For me, that means helping the people immediately around you, whether it’s offering a shoulder to a friend, giving up time for a family member or helping out with a local charity.

As these small but meaningful gestures get paid forward, you make your impact on the world at large. It’s also about being mindful in your own life. Minimising consumption is a good place to start, which for me is not just about buying the ‘green’ or ‘good’ alternative, but buying less in the first place. Getting into the habit of keeping a shopper folded in your handbag for any last minute trips to the supermarket is also a must.

Adah Parris

Adah on how to feel empowered…

I remind myself that intimacy means “in to me see”. It begins and ends with me. To spend time nurturing myself is not selfish, but a necessary act of love and kindness. Building a solid foundation for our lives. When we remind ourselves of what makes us present for ourselves; smile, belly laugh, feeling grounded, feeling love for ourselves, then we organically feel empowered.

Ann Nonomous

Ann on how to achieve work life balance…

Balance isn’t giving up one thing for another, it’s about finding the equilibrium where you can be happy and satisfied. It can be hard managing a hectic work schedule, traveling and the daily work stresses on top of a busy personal life, children and family. Two pieces of advice here:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from a partner or child care provider, housekeeper or others who can assist your day-to-day. The more you can affordably set up your home in a way to alleviate the burden on you, the happier and manageable life will be.

2. Remember that it all has to add to 100%, and it doesn’t always have to balance 50/50, that equilibrium of both all the time just isn’t achievable. Work and life balance ebbs and flows. Depending on a period of work, you may spend 70% of your time there and 30% at home, and vice versa, when your slower with work you may be able to spend more time in your personal life and with family. Don’t be caught up on making the timing perfect, but do make sure you put the important things first in both areas of your life, everything else can wait.

Patrice Webb

Patrice on how to change lifestyle and how to change your life around…

Find a person you trust to be brutally honest with you and share with them the concerns you have about your lifestyle. Seek professional help to fully identify and accept your role in your current lifestyle. Commit to identify the guardrails you need to implement to stay on your path of positive change, to the lifestyle you desire. And as you embark, commit to forgive yourself, not others, because you are the ONLY one that matters and you are the ONLY one you are responsible for in this life.

Our reality is the result of our most frequent thoughts. Change your thoughts; change your perspective; change your reality. The universe will rise up to meet you and make your thoughts your reality.