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Much of my life coaching and mentoring practice is based on my holistic method ‘Impact Me’. This aims to realign you and put the soul back into the centre of what you are doing and how you are living your life personally, professionally and spiritually.

‘Impact Me’ is an empowerment coaching model that encourages a natural pathway to develop, from which your conscious transformation can emerge.

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“When we give our energy to a different dream, the world is transformed. To create a new world, we must first create a new dream.”


There are countless places on and offline where you can read about the benefits of life coaching and mentoring. Generally, if there is a blockage in your life or a goal to be achieved in the professional and/or personal realm, then a decent life coach will help you get unstuck and move you on to your desired outcome. I’m not knocking other coaching models, I respect and regularly use some, especially in my shorter engagements. However, I’d like to share my holistic method and how it can help you long term.

“Remi is an exceedingly gifted coach. She is that rare person who can synthesize the business and human complexities, which is not surprising given her multi-faceted background in banking and social entrepreneurship. She also has the right balance of empathic and analytical skills to help both individuals and businesses realize their aspirations.”


The ‘Impact Me’ model aims to reframe coaching and mentoring within some more relatable rules of nature. Have you ever heard of a garden that doesn’t need weeding?

Put simply, if you want to get out of your own way and enact lasting change, you need to engage with three things.


First, you must understand who you are, your essential nature and how best you thrive. So first we look and see what’s in the garden and then we dig. In this way, we work together to unearth your deepest wisdom and to understand your current environment and how it links to negative behaviour that limits self exploration.


Second, you need to speak your truth to be able to step into your power. The creation of the right fertile environment for your new behaviour to flourish is just as important as the creation of the new belief and behaviour itself. If you can change your environment (internal and/or external), then new growth can come to fruition. So initially we weed out the unhelpful belief or value that underpins the old behaviour and then we sow anew.


Third, you must know how to take care of and nourish yourself to ensure the changes last and the weeds don’t grow up and take over again. Together we find the path for you to strengthen your roots and blossom. The process of blooming is when a flower bursts into the light, at the right moment and is out in all its resplendent glory. Unashamed about its design, form or statement. The impact is immediate. That’s what we are aiming for. We do the groundwork together and your impact is big! That’s what the ‘Impact Me’ model is all about. It’s based on processes in the natural world – which you are a part of and which we all innately understand.

My work has a significant advisory component – I often start by being your mindful mentor, not your life coach. Here I bring in my own experience as a female leader, founder, social entrepreneur, campaigner, mother and woman of power.

“I first had contact with Remi when she spoke about her real life experiences and professional challenges at an International Women’s Day event 2 years ago. I felt inspired by her honesty, passion and perhaps more importantly to me, I felt a strong sense of shared experience.

At a pivotal point in my own career, I decided to contact Remi, as I was hopeful that working with her would help me to overcome some of my own personal challenges. I immediately felt comfortable working with Remi, she is highly skilled and I was overwhelmed by her ability to make me feel at ease and to open up about thoughts and feelings I was unable to reach alone.

Throughout this experience of discussing both my personal and professional life, I developed a much stronger sense of what was important to me, what I could leave behind and also developed a stronger sense of freedom through taking ownership of what’s next…”



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