Annabel Meggeson

15 June, 2018

Annabel on how to make an impact on the world…

I believe in the ripple effect. It’s a lot more realistic than trying to undertake huge projects or changes, especially if you’re already busy with a career, family and so on. For me, that means helping the people immediately around you, whether it’s offering a shoulder to a friend, giving up time for a family member or helping out with a local charity.

As these small but meaningful gestures get paid forward, you make your impact on the world at large. It’s also about being mindful in your own life. Minimising consumption is a good place to start, which for me is not just about buying the ‘green’ or ‘good’ alternative, but buying less in the first place. Getting into the habit of keeping a shopper folded in your handbag for any last minute trips to the supermarket is also a must.