Ann Nonomous

15 June, 2018

Ann on how to achieve work life balance…

Balance isn’t giving up one thing for another, it’s about finding the equilibrium where you can be happy and satisfied. It can be hard managing a hectic work schedule, traveling and the daily work stresses on top of a busy personal life, children and family. Two pieces of advice here:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from a partner or child care provider, housekeeper or others who can assist your day-to-day. The more you can affordably set up your home in a way to alleviate the burden on you, the happier and manageable life will be.

2. Remember that it all has to add to 100%, and it doesn’t always have to balance 50/50, that equilibrium of both all the time just isn’t achievable. Work and life balance ebbs and flows. Depending on a period of work, you may spend 70% of your time there and 30% at home, and vice versa, when your slower with work you may be able to spend more time in your personal life and with family. Don’t be caught up on making the timing perfect, but do make sure you put the important things first in both areas of your life, everything else can wait.