National Simplicity Day 2020

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12 July, 2020

Today is National Simplicity Day 2020… ever heard of it?  It’s a new one on me, but it encourages us to put aside our technology, gather our thoughts and try to experience living in the present moment. 

The day also honours philosopher Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) lifelong abolitionist and advocate of simple living in natural surroundings.  How prescient, as we emerge from lockdown in a hyper virtual and racially charged state of being, to reflect on some of the lessons we’ve learned around wellness during this extraordinary time.  Actually, late last year during a talk I gave at the House of Commons, I was reflecting on how our Ancestors might guide us on this very issue:

If your Ancestors were to be given a voice, how might they guide you now?

Wishing you a day of spacious self reflection.

Warmly, Remi

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