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8 March, 2022

Remi Olajoyegbe

What an awesomely nourishing day IWD2022 was. From the scintillating connection, camaraderie and acknowledgement that ripples between women, somehow calling us back to each other, even complete strangers as we go about our business on this day; to the rich discussions that I was privileged to be part of this morning.

Thanks to Aark I was on a absolutely brilliant panel in the morning. Our 3 discussions covered 1) the motherhood penalty, 2) STEM opportunities for women and lessons not learnt 3) How to create a more conscious culture within organisations, that isn’t simply lip service.

It struck me that under the auspices of this day, as women gathered there was a real willingness to go deeper. The sensitive honesty in the room enabled us to unpack many vital and uncomfortable aspects of bias that we face as women and even some bias that we may generate ourselves…

Making bias conscious by questioning and unpacking root causes really allowed us to break it down further and collectively harvest our wisdom as to how we move forward in some of these areas. There’s always more work to do with such big topics, but it highlighted the ever present need for much deeper listening and the creation of regular forums and safe spaces within organisations, communities and of course within ourselves, if we are to avoid more prescriptive policy that’s out of touch with this new reality. More so than ever post pandemic, as we begin to move into life after and seek to integrate key lessons that reflect a better understanding of the hopes, needs and desires of our people and their people.

Belated Happy #IWD2022. May the collective richness harvested on this IWD continue to flow and inspire each and every day in our quest for gender equality.

Last but not least, thank you to ALL the amazing and extraordinary women in my life. So many I won’t try and mention you all as I’d rather not accidentally miss one. The care and support from you means my life is one of privilege, freedom and growth for which I’m extraordinarily grateful. Whilst freedom and growth is everyone’s birthright it’s simply not every women’s reality, and so I continue to commit to using these gifts to #breakthebias for other women.

Warmly, Remi

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